V. G. Mokhov


The article considers a mathematical model of the production activity of the main gas supplier to the residents of Chelyabinsk. The model is constructed  on the basis of the modified Cobb-Douglas production function for 2011-2020 years. We present the author's algorithm to construct a model, according to which a computer program for modelling the operating activities of the enterprise is written in the Java language and registered in the State Register of Computer Programs. The adequacy of the constructed model was checked by the coefficient of determination, the value of which shows its high reliability. The analysis of the constructed mathematical model allows to draw the following conclusions: the efficiency of operating activities does not meet modern requirements. Namely, there exists a decreasing effect of scale throughout the entire analyzed period; starting from 2016, the enterprise has no economic stability and the bankruptcy procedure becomes inevitable. The results of the study can be recommended to the scientific community when carrying out similar work aimed at modelling operational activities, which is possible, since the author's computer modelling program is registered in the State Register of Computer Programs and is open source.


mathematical model; analysis; gas supplier; software; economic stability

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