E. S. Soldatov


The article discusses the issues of collecting, processing and transmitting information during remote monitoring of the condition of stationary and transport cryogenic equipment used for long-term storage of cryogenic products. A solution to the problem of preventive informing dispatch services and the operating organization about the presence of a technical malfunction of a cryogenic vessel is outlined, which leads to an increase in vacuum pressure in the thermal insulation cavity, which causes an increased heat flow from the environment and a significant change in pressure in the internal vessel over time. The structure of the information system for monitoring the condition of cryogenic equipment is presented and a description is given of the computational algorithm for calculating the assessment of the technical condition of the screen-vacuum thermal insulation of a cryogenic vessel based on the deviation of the pressure growth rate, as well as the algorithm for calculating the assessment of the time of drainless storage taking into account changes in vacuum pressure in the heat-insulating cavity.


computational algorithm; cryogenic equipment; equipment monitoring; remote monitoring; drainless storage


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