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Kuptsova, A. S.
Kuropatenko, V. F., Russian Federal Nuclear Center E.I. Zababakhin All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics (Russian Federation)
Kuropatenko, V. F.
Kutov, D.C.
Kuz'mich, A. S.
Kuznetsov, A. A.
Kuznetsov, A. G.
Kuznetsov, P. A.


Lapina, L. S.
Larkin, E. V., Tula State University (Russian Federation)
Larkin, E. V. (Russian Federation)
Lebedeva, N. A.
Levshinskii, V. V. (Russian Federation)
Litvinov, V. N.
Logunova, O. S.
Logunova, O.S. (Russian Federation)
Lozhnikov, A. B.
Lut, A. V. (Russian Federation)
Lut, A. V., South Ural State University (Russian Federation)
Lut, A. V.


Makarov, A. S.
Makarova, A. V.
Makarova, A.V.
Makarovskikh, T. A., South Ural State University (Russian Federation)
Malygina, E. A.

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